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2017 Editorial Board

Tasneem Massarweh

Tasneem is an English language graduate with a minor in Translation Studies. She has a dry sense of humor, yet enjoys lame jokes and puns. Tasneem is an avid but doubtful reader. She is often found laughing about morbid things because of her pessimistic, yet empathetic nature. She is also an intense tea drinker with a lipstick obsession; two things that don't go well together. Her past times include: playing The Sims, reading books of all genres, contemplating the wonders of "life", and staring at walls. Tasneem hopes to work in the field of Translation. For now, she has three goals in life:  write, publish and translate a travel journal,  adopt  a cat, and learn as many languages as her wonderful brain can handle.

Zarnain Abdul Samad

She can be found with either her nose buried between the crevices of a book or her eyes cruising the web for cool memes and puns. Zarnain Abdul Samad is a senior English Literature student at the American University of Sharjah. She loves to sleep, eat, read, sleep, watch and listen to K-pop and K-drama, sleep, research new theories about Harry Potter’s wizarding world, fight off sexists, and lastly, sleep. Her future goal is to stay alive and happy in this cruel, cruel muggle world—both literally and figuratively.  

Nadine Dalbani

Nadine is an English Literature major in her senior year. She enjoys reading and swimming when she has the time, but during a semester, she usually just spends her free hours catching up on sleep and watching TV shows. When she graduates, she hopes to either write a book, or teach for a while before doing her masters.

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