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At the Fishmonger's

by Konstantina Spyropoulou

come come take the best fish of the country here

I have it, come ladies and gentlemen fresh

from the water, only in my stall will you

find the freshest fish, look good lady it smells

of sea see? Never mind, another time. Yes, yes,

come tomorrow we will be having fresh

seabass and fresh sardines and herring, come

my dear lady buy small fish for your baby

babes need to start eating fish very young

why, I raised three sons with fish, they turned out

just fine, wee lads, well, most of them- come,

take a look at all those goodies, yes kind sir,

the best in the country. How much? A kilo- that

would be 50. Thank you, have a good day, God

bless your little cherubs- come lady, what? Don’t

like what you see? Why, the best in the country

your little gentleman would love them too, why,

I raised three sons with these very fish, I know…


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