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Short Stories

On the Step of a Bookstore
by Alia Al Zaabi
Nara waded through the tranquil waves with her arms stretched out. The tip of her fingers glided on the surface of the water, barely breaking the barrier...Read more
Pleated Dreams
by Rubaiya Chowdhury
As she hummed an incoherent tune, Asiya glimpsed at the mirror. Looking past the grit and murky stains and innumerable bindis of variant shapes and vibrant colors stuck on it like some unnamed constellation, the sixteen year old looked at the reflected image...Read more


by Ellynna Gomes

Before the flaxen wall, upon a mustard table,

this maize vase sits. Its lemon lips are 

bursting with yellow sunflowers...Read more

Hopper's Nighthawks
by Trisha Saxena 

For only 5 cents, you can get a cigar.

Strange, for such a pristine sight

at 2 in the morning...Read more

At the Fishmonger's
by Konstantina Spyropoulou

come come take the best fish of the country here

I have it, come ladies and gentlemen fresh

from the water, only in my stall will you

find the freshest fish, look good lady it smells

of sea see? Never mind, another time...Read more


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