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A Trip to Europe 
by Nasreen Alshamsi, Rasha Alnuami, and Zahra Akbar


Nasreen Alshamsi, Rasha Alnuami, and Zahra Akbar began brainstorming ideas that represented the ongoing events happening around the world, and eventually came across the viral picture of a Syrian boy washed up on a European beach. The child was Alan Kurdi, one of the many child immigrants seeking a new life in a Western country. This child and his parents were trying to go to Canada, but after being rejected by the Canadian immigration authorities, they had no choice but to board an inflatable raft which ultimately resulted in a crash and the loss of their son's life.

Rather than specifically trying to contribute to this conversation of immigrants and the dangers of migrant smuggling, the group wanted to move away from the harshness and instead tell the story of an innocent child whose dream was crushed by the reality of this world.


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