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2022 Editorial Board

Ghofrane Lahib is double majoring in English Language & Literature and International Studies at the American University of Sharjah. She enjoys writing and keeping up with world news, because it allows her to better understand history and race theory. But aside from this very serious interest, she also loves to watch light-hearted TV shows and superhero movies in her free time, and she thinks pop culture can be just as conducive to society as academic works.
Ghofrane Lahib
Dr. Maya Aghasi

Dr. Maya Aghasi is Assistant Professor of literature in the Department of English at the American University of Sharjah, and she serves as the faculty adviser of the student-run e-journal, Asrar: Dialogues from the Diaspora. She loves working with students to produce each issue because of their passion, determination, and endless stream of fresh ideas. Her research studies how issues of globalization and migration challenge identity politics and social and cultural modes of being, and she is currently working on a project on Lebanese film and political activism. In her spare time (when she has it!), she loves to cook, do yoga, and hang out with her partner and spunky two-year-old daughter.

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