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Resolving Workplace Gender Inequality in India

by Prerna Chander


The developments of the 21st century have ensured that women are in the best positions to influence financial and social circumstances. Women have made astounding strides in the workforce by flooding non-traditional, male-dominated fields such as technology, engineering and business...Read more

Women and Training: The “Weight” of Misconceptions

by Diane Omari


When picturing a weight lifter, the image is often one of a muscular male. Why is it that men are more associated with the sport than women? Women have often had the lower hand in weight training due to various misconceptions that appear to dominate it. Overall, research has found that women are far less likely to engage in weight training than men...Read more

North American and European Media’s Misrepresentation of Muslim Women

by Tamara Abueish


Hate crimes against Muslims in the United States, or those who are thought to be associated with Islam, rose to 78% in 2015, making it the highest percentage of Muslim-targeted hate crimes since 9/11 (Center for the study of Hate and Extremism, 2016).The vilification of Muslims in North American and European media seems to have an influence on non-Muslims and Muslims alike...Read more

Influence of Spiritual Practices on the Treatment of Psychological Abnormalities

 by Sonia Gupta


Researchers and mental health care providers all over the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of spirituality in the clinical treatment of mental health issues. However, when compared through history with other non-medical treatments, the two age-old techniques, spirituality and psychiatric treatments have been considered incompatible with each other...Read more 

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