Literary Analysis

Masculinity in Beloved and Girl in the Tangerine Scarf 

by Tala Besiso

The manifestation of social constructs amongst society is largely governed by conventional cultural practices and the belief system embraced by a community. Within the sociological realm, gender studies explore the varying pillars that constitute in explaining, rather than defining, phenomenon relating to different more

The Bestselling Novel: Currents in American History and Culture

by Students in ENG 410: American Novel

This online book was created on Scalar, an online digital platform, that allowed students to discuss American Novels they covered in the class in a different form. They were able to incorporate pictures, videos, audio files and refer to aspects of pop culture to drive their points. Click here to access the book.

Linguistic Analysis

Can Interlingual Subtitles be More Effective than Intralingual Ones? 

by Khloud Mohammed 

Audiovisual media has become an increasingly prominent factor in people’s lives, making it a convenient tool to use when trying to acquire a second language (L2). The way in which that can be done is through the use of subtitles, which “provide just-in-time written lexical information that can help disambiguate and parse more

The Influence of Language on Gender Discrimination

by Mohammad Alkhatib 

Is the language taught to us a sculpting tool used to shape our thoughts? Sociologists, psychologists, and linguists have attempted to address this question. Around the early 1950s, linguists started researching the impact of the language spoken by people on their thoughts and perspectives of the world. Primary in this research area was the more

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