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2019 Editorial Board

Chief Editor & Reviewer

Dana Jaber


Dana majors in English Literature. She is of Iraqi origin, but it’s never just that. She asks questions like, “what does it mean to exist” and “what is death really?”  She has a darkness that strives to appreciate the “unknown” and to love the beauty behind madness. Nonetheless, she enjoys “human” things like reading, Rock music, long night drives, the desert’s vast space and solitude. About 70% of her body is Redbull, and the other 30% is French Fries. Finally, her obsession with Latin phrases might cause her migration to the past. Sincerely, Memento Mori.

Chief Editor & Web Designer

Aisha Al-Ali

Aisha uses being a Literature major as a way to delve into other interdisciplinary areas of life. She is very obsessed with the ideas of post-humanism and psychoanalysis in how they make sense of the world we live in. She also has a very keen interest in Art, History and Art History. Avocados are a fundamental aspect of who she is, particularly her inability to successfully plant them. She thrives on ridiculous, annoying puns and the Big Enough meme. Her goals in life include one day mastering French and being somewhere that encourages her to continue learning.

Aisha Al-Ali


Rubaiya Chowdhury

Rubaiya Chowdhury

After trying out several majors, Rubaiya settled for her old love of English Literature. She loves hyperventilating over small issues and giving herself anxiety attacks over small details. With the vision of a world full of readers in her eyes, she is currently working on several personal projects to encourage the youth to pick up books. She is currently busy planning world domination through kindness and cups of free karak.

Salma Elgerby

Salma is an English Literature major with a minor in Translation Studies. She is sarcastic but sincere. A procrastinator but hardworking. Thoughtful but spontaneous. Extroverted with a low social battery. Recently, she developed a growing interest in love. She is often seen asking professors and students what is love, whether they’re in love, how they know, and what fills the gap between love and language. The things she appreciates most in life are music, food, good weather, good people, and raw, honest conversations that reveal the human being underneath. Also, roller coasters.

Salma Elgerby

Shamma Khoory


Shamma Khoory is a student at the American University of Sharjah who is majoring in English Literature and minoring in Psychology. She loves reading and writing poetry, traveling, hiking, and volunteering. Most of the time, Shamma is found swimming or paining by the beach and debating if she should drink coffee or tea. She is often stuck between introversion and extroversion. When she graduates, she hopes to continue her studies abroad, publish a book, and travel the world.

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