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Editors' Note (Spring 2019)

Greetings, ​

Welcome to our Spring 2019 issue!

This issue consists of five essays, one short story and three beautiful art pieces. 

The majority of our publications for this issue covers gender concerns—primarily women and the focus of feminism. 

You can learn more about “The Influence of Gender Discrimination on Women Entrepreneurs in North Africa” by Hajar El Mouutaqui under the Essays and Papers tab. Furthermore, Lobna Abouelleil discusses how the Egyptian Revolution impacted women, and you can find her work under the Essays and Papers tab. 


Gender has become a focus of analysis even in literary texts. Under the Analysis tab, you will find Tala Besiso’s analysis of “Masculinity in Beloved and Girl in the Tangerine Scarf.” 

Gender discrimination and biases are not only evident in literary, political and social contexts, but may be prominent in what we use every second of our lives—language. 

Under the Analysis tab, you will find Mohammad Alkhatib’s analysis of how language influences gender discrimination. 


Please take some time to read other submissions that students have worked ambitiously to produce. 

The students in the American Novel course (ENG 410) worked together to analyse historical, social, and cultural contexts of early American novels to contemporary ones and produced a digital book on Scalar, an innovative and creative online platform.

Furthermore, you’ll find Ananth Vandothra’s short story “Ruby’s Song” under the Creative Writing tab. 

And don’t forget to observe Abdulaziz Malaikah’s series of black and white Captures. 


We hope that you would be intrigued by our authors. 

Please find your inspiration and submit to us! 



Asrar Editorial Board—Dana Jaber & Aisha Al-Ali 

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