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by Samrin Saleem

I gaze in the mirror. 

Fingertips graze my chin. 

Not pretty enough.
I tug at my shirt.
Not thin enough.
Hands in my hair.
Not thick enough.
Never enough. 


I sit at my table.
Pen paused over a problem. 

Not smart enough.
Hover over my keyboard. 

Not clever enough.
Brush slips from my hand. 

Not creative enough.
Never enough. 


I look at my friends. 

Locked out of a joke.
Not important enough. 

Whispers behind my back. 

Not funny enough. 

Another one leaves. 

Not good enough. 

Never enough. 


I pick up a newspaper.
I hear about the world around me. 

I look at the men and their cruelty.

I see them empty of humanity.
I look in the mirror again.
Not enough?
Human enough?
Is that not enough? 

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