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Applying Wangari Maathai’s Eco-Spiritual Values in a Postmodern Architectural Context

by Gaser Mohamed


The Industrial boom that occurred from about 1760 brought along a revolution in terms of manufacture and production. This transition translated into increased population growth, an improvement in peoples’ lifestyles, and encouraged consumerism...Read more



Cultures in Connection: the Dar al-Adl and Hujra

by Haifa Badi-Uz-Zaman


History equips us with the tools to draw connections across cultures. Although the cultures in consideration may have emerged in different parts of the world, they might surprisingly have various attributes in common...Read more


Ottoman Tanzimat and Conflict in the Arab Lands

by Mahnoor Bari 


Though they were intended to modernize the empire and make its governance more efficient, the Ottoman Tanzimat reforms often had the reverse effect of leading to conflict, particularly in the Arab regions, by upsetting local norms of social cohesion and power...Read more



Join the Dance of the Universe: Commentary on Becoming Animal

by Marwan Elkrewi


Becoming Animal (2010) by David Abram starts with a reminder of our bodily nature, of our belonging to the animate world, the world many of us perceive as filthy and sinful, and many others as a huge aggregate of inert objects and mechanical events...Read more



Relationship Between Handedness and Academic Performance in Primary School

by Yonas Ackholm


Handedness throughout the ages has been a subject marred by controversy. The left-handed phenomenon is scantly researched. As a result, many traditions and superstitions in several different cultures have developed a negative attitude towards...Read more



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