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Editorial Board 2023

Ghofrane Lahib is double majoring in English Language and Literature and International Studies. She loves to read eccentric fantasy novels, and she loves to learn about different cultures and all their little wonders. Her favorite part about literary analysis is how one’s reading not only increases their understanding of the text, but also increases their understanding of themselves through uncovering the reasons why their reading of the text manifested itself. In her spare time, Ghofrane loves to play platform video games.


Dana Alrowaih is a Junior majoring in English Language and Literature. She loves reading pieces that steal your attention and evoke an emotional response. Having taken a variety of classes in the English department, she particularly loves learning about other cultures through her readings’ context. Dana values the feeling of connection literature and writing bring to people. Other than reading novels and poetry, she is also an avid music listener who collects trinkets and loves films. 


Jahnavi Dangeti is an English Sophomore minoring in Journalism. Her interests are in literature and critical theory. She is a writing center tutor and enjoys interacting with students. She spends her time reading and writing about literary texts and encourages others to do so. Jahnavi is a talented singer and enjoys listening to music in her free time, which is why she is a part of the AUS choir. Jahnavi wants to teach literature one day and make her parents proud. 

Huda Imran is a Junior I pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. She absolutely loves analyzing a variety of literary texts, from classic novels to undiscovered poetry, and learning invaluable lessons from them. In particular, Huda is really passionate about inspiring and empowering other individuals through literature, so she aims to continue her academic journey in the fields of literature and education. Through teaching others, Huda endeavors to broaden their horizons and perspectives, but also hopes to always continue learning and feel fulfilled on a personal level.

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