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Artwork by Ayesha Alshared



i (don't) believe that i
By Shaikha Alshaikh

i       (don’t)        believe      that            i

can          be           who             i         can

without           being                  without

you.             i’d         stare   at            you

and think   of all the possibilities and

if you could only see, and wonder   if

my own reflection is only one of   my


many perceptions.





Shaikha Ahmad AlShaikh is a 22-Emirati from Dubai. She is a senior at the American University of Sharjah majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in English Literature. She wishes to one day have her name associated with a successful firm that engages in constructing green, sustainable buildings throughout the Emirates. She would like to furthermore embody the strong role of an Emirati woman in Emirati society by leading a successful team. She is a football fanatic and an avid fan of Cheryl and Girls Aloud.





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