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Artwork by Zainab Alhalwachi



Memoirs of an Optimist
By Marah Ali


They complain about the sun
And I look at them oddly and say,
"Forget the heat, gaze at the sea,
Look at how it glitters
Like a thousand diamonds are scattered on its surface.”


They complain about the rain
And I shake my head and smile.
"Can’t you see? The flowers look brighter,
The ground is mirroring the world,
And the scent of the water makes me want to live again.”


They complain about the clouds
And I roll my eyes, thinking
"But you can see the world in a different light
Filtered by the fluff in the sky
And the sun you once despised is no longer in your way.”


They complain about the wind
And I throw my hands up high
"But it’s only a short-lived breeze
That makes the world around you breathe
And shows you just a glimpse of how it might feel like to fly”


They complain about most things 
And oversee their worth
And, if given the chance, they’d mock the sky
For housing the colors of the universe 
And envy the roses for being such a deep red.



Marah Ali is an 18-year-old Egyptian student in her sophomore year at the American University of Sharjah studying Chemical Engineering. When she was younger, she aspired either to become a scientist working with chemicals and making up strange concoctions or, on the safer side, a renowned writer. However, her goal nowadays is to get through university in one piece and study genetic engineering in the future. She has an undying love for chocolate milk and a fascination with sparkly things. 



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