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My Overall Experience so far

The necessary changes that are taking place in all our lives are truly eye-opening. It has allowed me as a student to push myself in order to prove to myself, and to the people that care about me that my academic performance will not subside due to this temporary shift in events. In this challenging moment, numerous questions arise regarding education: Is online learning as effective as the conventional way of learning? Does it allow for courses to reach their learning objectives? 


    So far these queries, fortunately, have had positive outcomes. In my courses, we are following the syllabus without much change; assignments are being submitted per schedule and quizzes are offered on online. However, a question remains: are students as committed as they would be in a conventional learning enviroment? From my perspective, my colleagues and I are working hard towards maintaining a professional learning environment. Although challenging, we are now attempting to schedule and give order to our day by creating a clear distinction between work and leisure. 


    To speak more frankly, this experience has drawn me closer to my colleagues and professors. Having to share a similar change in our lifestyles, made us more committed to achieving our learning objectives and adhering to a suitable learning experience that does not lack, but resembles the convenitonal classroom atmosphere.  

by Fatima Al Hammadi 


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