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By Rose Kulsum-Binder


At night reality takes to slumber,

Dreams awaken, rumble,

And thunder.


They walk among the darkness,

Living in their own vividness,

An othered reality wished for,

In all earnestness.


If but I could take them by the hand,

Just for a moment,

I know they would understand.


Know they would what crouches in my heart,

See they would with clarity,

That it is being wished for them,

To become the new reality.




Rose is a Polish native who has spent over three decades of her life here in the UAE. She is a senior who is expecting her impending graduation this semester from the BAELL program at AUS, concentrating in Language.

Having previously spent nearly a decade in the education field, catering to young minds and preparing them for the future, she hopes to return to academia upon leaving AUS. When not hard at work, Rose still enjoys academic pursuits such as reading and research in addition to spending time outdoors and with her human and feline family.

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