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By Marziah Rashid


“In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.” Tension 

leaves the tips of my fingers...Read more

Falling (in Love)

By Mays Albaik


Long and slow, you’ve been 

falling for a while now...Read more

When Day Turned Away

By Dana Khalil Ahmad


When day turned to night,

the laborers came back...Read more


By Ali Alhareth


I sit

In front of your gate I sit...Read more

Wretched in Basra

By Dana Khalil Ahmad


Ali was rotten. Suha had given birth to him between the palms near the banks of the Shatt al-Arab. Her water had broken and mixed with the mud and weeds underneath her feet. She found a cluster of palms and...Read more

Young in Mangalore

By Jerusha Sequeira


“Where are you?” Stella Rego asked her daughter over the phone. “I’m on my way.” Tanya replied. “How long?” “I’ll be home in ten minutes.” “Who’s dropping you?” “Sharon and Devika.” Stella heard male laughter...Read more


The Palestinian Rhetoric is Occupied: Injustice, It Screams

By Nour Al-Ali


Bethlehem, the biblical city of David, the birthplace of Jesus, surmounts the wall of apartheid, yearning for justice. Before the Israeli soldiers uprooted Mohamad Mousa's olive trees to build their wall, they left a notice...Read more

When We Lived Like Kings and Queens

By Israa Tariq


I could hear the rush of the wind, fast and almost painful, whipping around me in every direction and howling in my ears with the open expanse of the desert providing no break from it or a moment of quiet...Read more

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