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by Ali Alhareth


I sit

In front of your gate I sit

Many of your walls reach the clouds

While other tops are underground

But there is no where else I’d rather be



In front of your gate

The place of sacred permission

All for a chance, a chance to behold the source of your light

For its very warmth alone has captivated me



So I sit

Legs crossed, spine straight, palms open

Resting upon my knees

They are not stretched in tension

yet they





Like fields of sunflowers awaiting your light



My eyes are closed, but please believe me when I say

I need not sight to perceive your brightness

My ears are open

One dedicated to your speech

And the other

To my own heartbeat

Cause, the heart better understands how silence speaks



And my soul



Has taken hold of my breath

My tongue

My lips

So love drips and it pours



Warm like summer rain



Oh guardian of the gate, you might have heard them say that

This one… Is a madman

And if madness, is love for the light we all have within then


Am a madman

And this madness

Is bliss



So if you wish

Place your sword upon my throat

Your spears on my heart

Arrows aimed at my head

I mind not



But please…please…

Allow me to sit here

Speaking of the madness that is


and love



And if you still wish for me to leave

I will leave



Spine straight

Palms open

Like fields of sunflowers

Awaiting your light





Ali Alhareth is a student at the American University of Sharjah in his junior year. He is majoring in Economics. He aspires to try his best with whatever he engages with in the future.

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