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Where We Once Stood

By Zarnain Abdul Samad


Where We Once Stood,

at the Edge of

Winter and Spring.


The Tears Froze

in the Cold Zephyr.



Before the Frost

Arrested Them in its Embrace,

the Tears Watered

the Flowers of the Spring,

and They Bloomed

Where We Once Stood.

Zarnain Abdul Samad is a senior English Literature student at the American University of Sharjah. She can be found with either her nose buried between the crevices of a book or her eyes cruising the web for cool memes and puns. Zarnain loves to sleep, eat, read, sleep, watch and listen to K-pop and K-drama, sleep, research new theories about Harry Potter’s wizarding world, fight off sexists, and lastly, sleep. Her future goal is to stay alive and happy in this cruel, cruel muggle world—both literally and figuratively.  

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