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Destabilizing the Horizon Line

by Marina Abdelmessih

This series of photographs tries to capture the ubiquitous sight of building construction in the city of Sharjah by using lines, texture, and light to reveal the impact human beings have on the natural environment. Currently, the disorienting image of scaffolding covering buildings has become a common sight in the United Arab Emirates due to rapid development. As a demonstration of this, this series captures five different construction sites in the style of Bernd and Hilla Becher's Winding Towers (2019). The diagonal lines begin to form frames that then start to shift and change over time. This photographic arrangement tries to emulate that, focusing on destabilizing conventional linear perspective by creating new viewpoints from unfamiliar angles. This series arrangement further tries to emulate the scaffolding that changes over time: each row focuses on a different horizon line, beginning with a diagonal building façade that then starts to slowly rotate and move horizontally until it reaches a vertical eye-level horizon line.

1. Marina Abdelmessih, Destabilizing the Horizon Line(1).jpg
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