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Essays and Opinion Papers

The Influence of Gender Discrimination on Women Entrepreneurs in North Africa

By Hajar El Mouttaqui 

According to Chamlou, Klapper and Muzi (2008), “Women’s entrepreneurship is less common in the Middle East and North Africa than in other developing regions” (p. 1). One of the many reasons behind this is gender discrimination...Read more

How Did the Egyptian Revolution Impact Women? 

By Lobna Abouelleil

As Dalia Mostafa (2015) put it, “A revolution cannot be imagined and enacted without women’s political action at its center” (p.125). Women were key participants in the Arab Spring revolutions that swept the Arab world in 2011...Read more

Linguistic Analysis

Can Interlingual Subtitles be More Effective than Intralingual Ones? 

By Khloud Mohammed 


Audiovisual media has become an increasingly prominent factor in people’s lives, making it a convenient tool to use when trying to acquire a second language (L2)...Read more

The Influence of Language on Gender Discrimination  

By Mohammad Alkhatib


Is the language taught to us a sculpting tool used to shape our thoughts? Sociologists, psychologists, and linguists have attempted to address this question...Read more

Literary Analysis

Masculinity in Beloved and Girl in the Tangerine Scarf 

By Tala Besiso


The manifestation of social constructs amongst society is largely governed by conventional cultural practices and the belief system embraced by a community...Read more

How Dystopian Young Adult Literature Fosters Feminism in Teenagers 

By Trisha Saxena 


Dystopian literature has become a very popular genre among young adult readers. This research paper will examine the connection between dystopian young adult literature (DYAL) and one of the key ideas of feminism, i.e., that of encouraging women to diverge from traditional gender norms if they wish to do so...Read more

Creative Writing

Ruby's Song 

By Ananth Vandothra


“What are you?”, she says, her eyes twinkling with clear amusement. Her joyous demeanor is infectious but ultimately deceptive...Read more


By Abdulaziz Malaikah...Read more

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