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Submission Rules and Guidelines

Please ensure you follow these important rules and guidelines when submitting your work to Asrar.


General Guidelines

Each student may submit up to three (3) pieces, whether written work or artwork.


  1. Literary and Linguistic Analysis (1000 –7500 words): (these include senior theses/capstone projects)

  2. Essays and Research Papers (1000 -  3850  words): Word count excludes notes and references

  3. Creative Writing (under 2500 words)

  4. Book Reviews, Film Reviews, and Interviews (500-750 words)

  5. Visual Media: Fine Art, Photography, Paintings, Graphic Artwork, Short Films 



Your piece must adhere to the AUS Academic Integrity Code (see AUS Catalogue).


The authors retain FULL copyright of their own work.

  1. The journal will NOT purchase the copyright to your work.

  2. The journal is NOT receiving any monetary gain or benefit from this publication.

  3. Access to the journal is free and open to all.


If your piece has been previously published, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the publisher and obtain permission to send your submission to Asrar.


Please do NOT submit pieces that are currently under consideration elsewhere.


Asrar Editorial Board and Committee members will NOT be held accountable for copyright issues.


Consent Form

If your piece is selected by the Editorial Board, you will need to sign a form indicating that you consent to having your piece published and that you have read these guidelines. If you would like to withdraw your piece, you can refuse to sign the form. You will have a week to sign the form. After this date, withdrawal will only be allowed on legitimate grounds (i.e. if you wish to publish your piece elsewhere).


Guidelines for Written Work

Written work must be Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Use Times New Roman typeface, 12-point type, double spaced, with 1 inch margins all around.


Your piece must adhere to APA guidelines, including citations, a reference page, and formatting. Literary Analyses may be in MLA.

Pieces submitted under Creative Writing are exempt from APA citations.


Please ensure that pieces credited as Creative Non-Fiction do not contain fabricated elements.


The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit content to ensure that it complies with grammatical, technical, and content-related specifications.


You will receive a complete, edited draft that you will be asked to approve before the piece is published. If you have any concerns regarding the changes made to your piece, you may email us at and we will discuss with you how to proceed. If you do not approve the draft, the Editorial Board may reconsider your original submission and your piece may not be published.


On occasion, some of the written work may be paired with artwork. A disclaimer will appear at the bottom of the website stating that the views expressed in the written work do not coincide with those in the artwork.


Guidelines for Artwork

The Editorial Board may crop and/or resize artwork to fit the layout of the website. Refer to the website for examples: If your work is selected for publication, you will receive an unpublished preview of your work as it will appear on the website that you will be asked to approve before the piece is published. If you do not approve the preview, the Editorial Board may reconsider your original submission.

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