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by Izzdeen Abu Yousuf


Even in people’s absence, the evidence of their presence lingers in subtle marks on the environment. Over the course of two weeks, I experimented with various methods to demonstrate the spirituality of the interactions of humans with their surroundings. 


My initial approach was to create images through corridors, aiming to capture how people relate to the spaces they inhabit. However, as I took more photos I began to perceive a supernatural quality in their interactions with the home. People’s actions are like ghosts touching or moving things, leaving behind only traces of their true identity. In each photograph, I made a conscious effort to frame doorways, allowing them to act as portals into the past. The only photo not taken from a door frame was designed to depict the entrance to the house, a monolithic moment that serves as the gateway to other fascinating areas within the structure. I also experimented with artificial light and the use of various light sources to capture the unique ambiance of each room. This allowed for distinct experiences while also allowing me to be lit at different positions throughout the space. To achieve this, I left the shutter open for 30 seconds at a time, capturing everything in one shot.

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