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The Miscommunications of Gender 

by Ahmad El-Anas

In this series, I aim to capture the complex phenomenon of gender disputes, specifically focusing on miscommunication. Through intentionally hazy and unfocused compositions, I convey the experience of misinterpreting a situation. 


Emphasizing the power of storytelling and unfolding narratives within each frame, I transcend traditional compositional norms. Through careful composition and subtle visual cues, I guide viewers on a visual journey that encourages empathy, introspection, and reflection. By shifting the focus from sharpness to narrative depth, I invite viewers to question their assumptions and preconceived notions, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate web of communication between genders. Miscommunication between genders is a common aspect of human interaction, influenced by various factors such as societal expectations, cultural differences, and individual experiences. In these photographs, the scene is set first, then we see the viewpoints of both male and female characters. Although the characters seem to be giving their full attention to one another, we get a glimpse into their minds and see what they are seeing. The intentional haze serves as a metaphorical representation of the fog that often surrounds communication between genders, leaving room for multiple interpretations and highlighting the subjective nature of perception.


This series was created for Prof. Jason Carlow’s course ARCH 316: Photography and Visual Representation at the American University of Sharjah.

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