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First Language in the Second Language Classroom: Mother Tongue Nurtures New Languages

by Rose Kulsum-Binder


To learn new concepts and topics is a true joy, but to teach them can sometimes be a challenge. The act of teaching therefore needs to draw on all possible tools and aids to accomplish its task...Read more 


Corpus Analysis of "Monster" in Media 

by Safa Yakoob 


News discourse has been of interest to linguists due to the underlying ideologies embedded in every word. Nowadays, audiences tend to consume news in high amounts on a daily basis. Thus, a plethora of newspapers exist out there, which is why linguists are interested in it...Read more 


Humor Failure: A Review of Reasons and Explanations 

by Nahla Elsubeihi 


Humor is perceived as a mode of discourse and a strategy for human communication. The way humor is constructed in different contexts enriches our understandings of this form of social interaction...Read more 


Linguistic Analysis

Literary Analysis

The Other “Madwoman in the Attic:” A Lacanian Psychoanalytic and a Feminist Reading of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s "The Yellow Wallpaper"

by Farah Nada


 Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) follows the descent of a woman into madness through seclusion and isolation. The Yellow Wallpaper lends itself to analysis through the lens of different critical theories, such as Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory and Feminist Literary Theory...Read more


The Creation of Meaning in Space in e. e. Cummings 

by Marziah Rashid 


Writing about  the experience of driving through the “desert” that is America, Jean Baudrillard (1996) refers to speed as “the triumph of instantaneity over time as depth” that suggests “the superficiality and reversibility of a pure object in the pure geometry of the desert”...Read more



Hanging in Cold Blood: An Exploration of Capote's Potrayal of Perry Smith and its


Impact on Capital Punishment


by Ayesha AlShared


Truman Capote’s nonfiction novel, In Cold Blood (1965), was highly-acclaimed as an intriguing retelling of a true crime that is, according to Capote, completely factual: “Capote is an experimenter, an adventurer. His newest experiment is In Cold Blood, a unique book, for it is the first non-fiction nove...Read more


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