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Trail of Seasons

By Habib Tabaja


In the ides of March

Our peculiar souls met in the walks of life...Read more



Memoirs of an Optimist

By Marah Ali


They complain about the sun

And I look at them oddly and say...Read more



i (don't) believe that i

By Shaikha Alshaikh


i       (don’t)        believe      that            i

can          be           who             i         can ...Read more




Cost of Living

By Abeer Farooqui


“Why are you doing this to me, Baba?”


My daughter has asked me this very question every five minutes so far in our one hour...Read more 


Tragedy Awaiting

By Hussam Badi


“There you go Abu. That was the last bag. Take care of yourself and stay strong, it will all be alright.” I slowly stepped away from the car and raised my hand waving goodbye, mumbling I love you....Read more 


Creative Non-Fiction

If I Die Young

By Israa Tariq


It was extremely quiet. The kind of quiet that makes you stop and think that if the world paused, that’s how it would sound. It wasn’t eerie or anything. In fact, it was almost calming, soothing my ears after ....Read more 



This is Water

By Israa Tariq


Setting: It is early evening time on the patio, with a wooden deck and glass-topped garden tables and woven chairs. A family is sitting and having their evening tea. The table is covered with trays of tea cups, tea pots...Read more

I Don't

By Maliha Bari


Setting: The palace is huge and grand, covering ten acres of land and as tall as ten-story building. In Rabia’s room. It has a woven bed, with a big window,  dressing table, mirror, carpet, and dividers. At Rise: Shagufta is...Read more

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